Tuesday, October 20, 2009

project two :: brainstorming interaction and/or animation

the first half of this project will be very experimental and involve quick iterations of your ideas. to start, come up with as many unique or alternative models of interaction or animation as you can. use metaphor to fuel your ideation and think beyond the chrome, along all possible axes. you can write out these ideas, or sketch out the ideas, or combine both methods. check these different but equally valid ideas from last year:

Curtis Pickell
  1. horizontal movement: macro - micro view of work
  2. divide all content into two parent categories: emotion/logic
  3. homepage randomly choses a portfolio piece each time it is refreshed
  4. each page (content type) is a room in a house. different types of work are contained within different rooms
  5. hallway with multiple doors dedicated to specific content
  6. night skyscape: constellations are formed through navigation
  7. subservient curtis: user can command me to present certain work as well as do other things
  8. filters determine given content (color, creation date, emotion, type, etc)
  9. site framed within actual eyeglass lens: focus blurs during transitions. left lens= nav; right lens= content
Adam Tramposh

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