Friday, October 23, 2009

project 1 :: presentation order

here's the lineup, folks. 10 minutes to present, 10 minutes for feedback. be sure to practice, as i said in class.

8:05 kaufman / laura

8: 30 genia / kyle

8:55 gentry / adam

9:20 b r e a k

9:30 amy / sheila

9:55 veronica / nik

10:20 josh / matt

also come ready to contribute some meaningful and helpful criticism for the benefit of your classmates. with a few minor exceptions, you guys were bumps on logs in friday's class. that hurts you on both the giving and receiving end, and you should know by now that receiving criticism is very helpful in your idea formation and giving it sharpens your ability to think quickly and creatively. let's step that up across the board.

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