Friday, October 9, 2009

project 1 :: detailing your visual designs

in class
  • work day/desk crits to finalize designs and make refinements. 

  • continue detailing all aspects of your screen layouts, making sure you are following complete task scenarios to show the user's click paths
  • read "don't make me think", chapters 1 and 2
  • start vaguely pondering how you will technically produce your prototype. flash? html/css? pdf? 

considerations for visual design refinements
  • do your users know where they are in the system? what task they are currently performing?
  • are you using spatial/typographic hierarchy to focus the user's attention properly?
  • is typography being applied consistently and systematically, in terms of sizes, weights, colors?
  • are tools/components/areas of your site named logically and clearly?
  • how are you utilizing visual feedback? how do users know they have successfully completed a task (submit info, button click, etc)?
  • are you designing properly for the given input device (mouse vs touch)? for example, touch screens cannot utilize rollovers.

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