Tuesday, October 20, 2009

project two :: beyond the portfolio

conceive, design, and produce a fine-tuned, fully-functioning wireframed portfolio website. our focus is on creating a unique and carefully-structured navigation/interaction experience. you have two major options for how to approach this work:

1) focus on the non-linear selection of projects in your portfolio, with consideration of smaller linear elements.


2) focus on a linear presentation of time/motion-based work (aka "demo reel"), with consideration of a larger simplified non-linear structure to house the linear portfolio.

the direction you choose will determine how your process goes. students choosing option 1 will be using portfolio pieces as rough content with the option of refinements in pro practice next term. their focus will be on the creation of the unique interaction model and not on portfolio content selection.

students choosing option 2 will necessarily be focused on selecting and editing work for inclusion in the demo reel and will spend a good amount of time on the linear presentation of that work. their larger portfolio structure will have to be simplified to complete the project in time. 

  • investigate alternate and experimental forms of presentation 
  • integrate linear and non-linear elements into a seamless user experience. 
  • understand the multiple tools & multiple technologies makeup of interactive design and explore the combination of these technologies 
  • understand the separation of design and content that is integral to current multi-authored web content 
  • further develop critical thinking and articulation skills in informal class discussions and formal critiques

  • visit and explore links from the examples post above (do this first) 
  • brainstorm interaction or animation types (see brainstorm post above also)

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