Friday, September 18, 2009

wireframing considerations

some things to help keep your head in the right place: 

  • your solutions should be directly fulfilling believable, real needs that engage and excite the audience (exerting influence, creating emotional connection, etc)
  • be sure you are connecting the physical with the virtual, augmenting or extending each
  • your sketches should be structurally/task based (click this, upload this), and consisting of a series of screens. only indicate basic page elements that are used to interact and complete a task. 
  • the visualizations of solutions should tell you where you'll need system "components" and in which media they belong.
  • put the needs and solutions in a hierarchical list and translate that to visual hierarchy in your online applications
  • the components, and hierarchy will help to drive your wireframing, i.e.: bigger areas = more important elements
  • while sitemapping/wireframing, consider the structural makeup of the system. for the online interface consider creating: multiple pages, a single page with interchangeable "modules/content buckets", or a mixture of both (most likely the last).
  • for the handheld device, simplicity and linear navigation in the interface is important to keep in mind. (problematic with some of last years work, tiny type, too many choices on a screen, not enough visual cues to help the user)

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