Friday, September 18, 2009

project 1 :: inspiration assignment

Let's crowd source some more links that are Web 2.0 & real world specific, each person owes class one interesting link by next Friday. Post here.

Links from today
Yellow Arrow:
Sonar iPhone ruler:
Livestrong site:
Livestrong chalk writer:
Philips food probes:
Mapping main street:

check out eppelheimer's new pet


  1. "Popurls aggregates content from the Web's most popular social sites, so you can see in one fell swoop the hottest stories from Digg, the most popular photos from Flickr, the latest bookmarks on, the most watched videos from YouTube, and other sites."

  2. 43 Things is a simple yet inspiring half self-improvement, half social networking site where you share a to do list with the world. At the bottom of your profile is a constantly up dating bar of other goals that people are making. You can go to other peoples goals and "cheer" them on in their tasks. You can even link to your facebook page from it and keep your friends up to date on the better person you're trying to become.


    This website allows people to submit content into one huge place. Its sorta like the home page of facebook but with colorful dots. I like it because you can search for certain types of moods to share a connection with others.