Friday, September 18, 2009

project 1 :: first presentation expectations

for monday's (9.21) presentation I expect a summarization of everything we've done so far with a plan for the rest of the project. This should include:

  • recap of activity and audience
  • a basic outline of your system supported with visuals. if it's clear to us just from your description and visuals how it the system will work in general and how needs, a sense of belonging, a common symbol system and reciprocal influence are being addressed, you've probably got a good thing going. describe the technologies involved in context in this part. sketches, photos and storyboards will aid this part of the presentation.
  • beginning wireframing with verbal description. i do not expect final, fully detailed wireframes of every piece of your system, just the basics. the hierarchy of needs and solutions should give you a basic outline of how to approach the wireframes. these do not need to be illustrator files either. well made, hand drawn, and photographed wireframes would work as well. give us a feel for the main areas of the online interface and the uses of handheld or other devices that are part of your have 5-10 minutes for the presentation with 5-10 post pres class critique.

be concise, be interesting. PRACTICE BEFOREHAND.

this is a great warm-up for the final presentation of the projects in front of an bigger audience. the critiques should be an added brainstorming session for your system, crowd source us to improve your project!

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