Thursday, August 27, 2009

urls and hosting

in the interests of getting the most of your multimedia experience, your future as designers, and being prepared for looming job searches, i am requiring that you purchase your very own url and get hosting for it.

as discussed in class, get domain names and hosting from different vendors, which will give you the most flexibility in the future.

here's some links for your domain name (just the url you type in; your "web address") search:
network solutions

here's some links for your hosting (servers where your actual files will reside) search:

Use google or check some of these comparison sites:

don't purchase hosting yet, just research and pick a couple possible hosts. also, search for the best deal on domain names. please post the host and domain name holder you'd like to use.

bring possible url names on monday (8.31): should it be your name, something clever and design related, or something you could build a business venture on? If you have an awesome name that's available, reserve it and keep it to yourself, or a sneaky classmate might steal it.

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