Monday, August 31, 2009

project 1 :: visual research posters

design two posters summarizing your research -- one detailing an individual community member, and another detailing the community as a whole. 

Creation of the research posters will fuel ideas for the creation of your "system". Find out all you can about what it takes for an individual, and community, to be involved in your chosen activity. Utilize the principles learned in Information Architecture to organize, display, and connect relevant points. Design as a team so your posters fit together systematically. Don't forget design & hierarchy, these posters should be enlightening and engaging, beautiful and informative.

size: 24" x 36" vertical or horizontal as a pair
color: up to you. 
audience: designers, developers, business specialists (imagine presenting this to a hypothetical group that would be funding, programming and advertising this project)
primary considerations: how can you design this information so it will actually be read and utilized? is the content both concise and highly informative / useful?

content requirements:
"individual" poster
  • a persona image
  • persona text and/or images describing:
  • basic demographic info such as age, education, home, employment, income, etc
  • needs for successful activity involvement (may differ from community needs in this area)
  • "membership" info (from the reading and/or your own model) such as boundaries, emotional safety, level of belonging and identification, symbols used, etc
  • needs for community interaction: what is desired and valued by this person?

"community" poster
  • visually / textually describe the following:
  • images of / basic description of the community
  • activity information such as physical boundaries/setting, what's/who's involved, equipment, etc (images and captions/labels)
  • shared values of the group
  • how influence works (provide an example)
  • how shared emotional connection happens (provide examples)

optional: inclusion of your model of community (a simplified version) on the community poster. this could help visualize/organize the information listed above. 

DUE: friday sept 11

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