Sunday, November 8, 2009

project 2 :: round-up crit

in class
  • 15 min: discuss reading
  • group crit on all rapid prototypes. 10 min each, max.

  • revise idea based on crit feedback. go back to sketch mode, iterating widely and creating a range of wireframe layouts that utilize your chosen functionality.
  • reading: the language of new media, pp 63-78 the interface, cultural interfaces, printed word 
the reading is at the library under eppelheimer's reserves,  or you can get a pdf through the kcai library site (direct link). the reading is called "the interface" and the password is "media".

post two screen grabs of each idea, each showing different states of interaction. that will give you a rough total of six screen grabs -- three or so ideas. provide a brief explanation for how each idea works, to supplement your images.

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